What to expect in a fitting

When you arrive for your fitting, please check in at the front desk. After that, feel free to take a look around the shop. Once one of our fitters is available to assist you, they'll call your name and bring you back into a fitting room.

Here's where we stand out from other bra shops: our fitters are trained to gauge your size just by looking at you – it's a bit of a superpower!  You will be asked to get down to your base layer on the top and show the fitter your back (likely with your shirt pulled tight to the front if it is loose) and then turn around and pull your shirt tight around your bust.

The fitter will then go get a bra they believe fits the bill. This might not be the exact style you are looking for, and that's perfectly alright – we rely on tried-and-true bras for sizing accuracy. You'll be asked to put on the bra just like a regular one, and let the fitter know when you are ready. It is easiest to see if the bra fits without your top on, but if you’re not comfortable being seen in just a bra, you can put your top back on.

Then, you and the fitter will discuss the fit. A new bra size can sometimes feel a bit odd initially, but it's all part of the process. Your fitter will listen to your preferences and thoughts, ready to make adjustments as necessary. Finding the perfect fit might require trying on a few different bras – it's all part of the journey.

Once your size is nailed down, the real excitement begins! Your knowledgeable fitter will use their expertise to curate a selection of items they think will complement your body and align with your bra preferences.

From this point forward, the level of assistance is up to you. Whether you'd like the fitter's guidance with each bra or just need them for occasional questions or fit checks, just let them know! And don’t worry, the fitting room curtain will never be opened without your consent. Once your size has been established, if you'd like, you can explore the store and choose some items on your own. Your fitter can show you where to find items in your size.

Once you have made your selections, you can leave any items you're not taking with you right in the fitting room – we’ll take care of that.  If you're looking to wear a fresh bra straight out of the store, just give your fitter a heads-up, and they'll take care of removing the tag for you.

If you have any additional questions feel free to give one of the shops a call or shoot us an email. When you're booking your appointment, you can include a note if there's any extra information you'd like us to know – we'll make sure to go over it on the morning of your appointment.

We look forward to helping you find the perfect bra!