Binder fit guide

Measuring your size

  • Wear tight clothing. If you’re wearing layers of clothing the size you measure won’t be accurate.
  • For best results, use a flexible/cloth measuring tape. If you don't have one available, use a length of string and measure the string with a ruler.
  • Most measuring tapes have numbers on both sides (centimeters and inches), make sure you’re reading the right side of the tape.

Size chart

How do I determine which size and model is best for me?

  • If there's a big difference between the circumference of your chest and the circumference of your waist (your waist is much smaller than your chest), choose the size according to your waist size, not your chest.
  • Large breasts are more easily camouflaged in a long style than in a short style because there is simply more room to divide them.
  • Zipper-front styles are easier to put on. If you have any flexibility issues, this style might be best.
  • If you are in  between sizes, we encourage you to consider your shoulder measurements; if you have broader shoulders, definitely go with the larger size.
  • Do not intentionally go down in size; you will not be able to put the binder on.
  • Binders are meant to be tight, like a second skin. However, you should be able to comfortably take a deep breath and the material should not be cutting into your skin.
  • If you'd like to try one on first, make an appointment or stop by either location!